In the previous episode of Colors TV show Vish, we have seen how Aditya and Aliya are coming closer and how their friendship is slowly turning into a love bond. Sabrina gives a treat to Katrina; she asks Katrina to sit down and enjoy the treat. Katrina asks what did I do for her. Sabrina tells her that she helped her by masking Aditya lose his consciousness, and that is why she wanted to thank her. Sabrina also tells Katrina that there is also a surprise for her. She throws cucumber at Katrina that scares her. Vishkanya Sabrina says that she knew that the pretentious tiger is scared of cucumbers.

Sabrina throttled Katrina while she tries to run away. She tells Katrina not to play with the one who started the game. Katrina says to her in response that she will not be her slave-like Maria. Sabrina attacks Katrina, but just then Aliya comes there. The two pretend like they are friends in front of Aliya. The two continues their catfight when Aliya leaves from there. Sabrina says to Katrina that she called her here as a friend so that she’d help her, but she was plotting against her behind her back.

In Colors TV show Vish 17th July 2019 episode, viewers will get to see a catfight between Vishkanya Sabrina and Katrina. The two have become each other’s rival and want to kill each other. There will be some action between Sabrina and Katrina as the two will get into a fight with each other. More interestingly, Sabrina gets to know about Katrina’s betrayal. Sabrina regrets why she even brought Katrina here from Vishlok. She also gets to know that Katrina is the one who blocked the path of Vishlok and now Sabrina will not spare Katrina after this big betrayal. Watch Vish at 10:30 PM from Monday to Friday on Colors TV and anytime on Voot.


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