It will be very interesting to celebrate the happening around us. To appreciate all the personalities Vijay TV brought its own award show and present brilliant awards to all the personalities. The name of the show is Vijay Television Awards which is also known as VTA. The award function conducted by the makers every year to award all the personalities who work very hard in the industry. This year, the 6th edition of the award function is going on and entertaining all the people across the country. Many superb and well-known personalities appearing in the show to make it more better and entertaining.

Vijay Television 6th Annual Awards

The only part of the show that collects lots of attention from the audience is the name of the winner. It is normal that the award function contains several winners and nominees. The most loved personality or movie will be grabbed the award. Many shows also opt in the nominations in which the shows who getting huge ratings from the audience collect the award. The names of the shows that gained popularity with positive ratings are Bharathi Kannama, Cook with Comali Season 2. All the shows entertained the entire fanbase and able to add their names in the award function to win the award.

The show also wins the title of one of the most-watched shows in the television industry. The show also went off for working days and only aired on Sunday on Vijay TV. The promos that the makers shared on social media increase the excitement level among viewers and fans. One of the most popular and prominent shows named Bigg Boss Tamil 4 also got huge popularity after appearing in the show. The award function very genuinely presenting the awards to all those personalities and shows that entertaining and amusing the entire fanbase.

The 6th Annual Vijay Television Awards VTA 2021 is going on very well and entertaining a very huge fan following across the country. The best actress award grabbed by Roshni while Raja and Rani and Bharathi Kannama again, Pravin Bennett awarded by the best director. Cook with comali 2 also got the award of best comedy awards. Many television shows get awards for their respective contribution to the industry. Now, the 6th Annual Vijay Television Awards VTA 2021 wrapped up and the makers will be coming back with its new season next year. It is a very good initiative from Vijay TV to give awards to all those personalities and television shows who giving very good contributions to the entertainment industry. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the shows.


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