Are you excited for another battle of the Norwegian League which has come with some of the best matches in recent days? All the teams in the league have played an enthusiastic match and now, another match of the league is all set to take place. Fans are too excited to watch this match and tonight, team Valerenga (VIF) and Rosenborg BK (ROSB) will face off each other on the football ground. It will be interesting to watch the battle of the league and those who were waiting for it can watch the match tonight at the arena.

VIF & ROSB Live Score

Through this article, we will share all the details of the match such as time, date, venue, league, and many more details. Most of the fans always search for the prediction of the match which team has more chances to win today’s match. According to the sources, Borchgrevink C, Layouni A, Giampaoli R, and Augustinsson J will not be part of the match because of their injury and another side, player Nasberg I will remain a questionable player of the league. There is no update that who will be the part of the match so, keep reading this article, so, we can provide all the details of the match.


LEAGUE: Norwegian League
VENUE: Intility Arena, Oslo
TIME: 11:30 PM
DATE:  Sunday, May 29, 2022

VIF & ROSB: Team Squad

Valerenga (VIF):- Jacob Eng, Jones El-Abdellaoui, Leonard Zuta, Vegar Eggen Hedenstad, Brynjar Ingi Bjarsson, Amor Layouni, Henrik Udahl, Vidar Kjartansson, Magnus Riisnaes, Brage Skaret, Storm Strand-Kolbjornsen, Mathias Emilsen, Kjetil Haug, Jonatan Nation, Magnus Smelhus Sjoeng, Petter Strand, Odin Holm, Taofeek Ismaheel, Seedy Jatta, Aron Donnum, Christian Borchgrevink, Ivan Nasberg, Fredrik Oldrup Jensen, Osame Sahraoui, Henrik Bjordal, and Tobias Christensen.

Rosenborg BK (ROSB):- Olaus Skarsem, Victor Jensen, Tobias Borkeeiet, Stefano Holmquist, Vebjorn Hoff, Per Skjelbred, Carlo Holse, Jonathan Augustinsson, Ole Christian, Bryan Fiabema, Hakon Rosten, Sander Tangvik, Lasse Qvigstad, Pawel Chrupalla, Sverre Halseth-Nypan, Marius Sivertsen-Broholm, Andre Hansen, Adam Andersson, Markus Henriksen, Pavle Vagic, Sam Rogers, Noah Jean Holm, Renzo Giampaoli, Adrian Nilsen-Pereira, Erlend Dahl Reitan, Dennis Bakke-Gaustad, Magnus Hammeras, and Julian Faye-Lund Edvard Tagseth.

VIF & ROSB: Lineups Player
Valerenga (VIF):- Kjetil Haug, Jonatan Nation, Taofeek Ismaheel, Seedy Jatta, Aron Donnum, Leonard Zuta, Osame Sahraoui, Henrik Bjordal, Vegar Eggen Hedenstad, Brynjar Ingi Bjarsson, and Fredrik Oldrup Jensen.

Rosenborg BK (ROSB):- Andre Hansen, Tobias Borkeeiet, Stefano Holmquist, Noah Jean Holm, Adam Andersson, Edvard Tagseth, Olaus Skarsem, Victor Jensen, Markus Henriksen, Pavle Vagic, and Sam Rogers.

VIF & ROSB: Match Prediction
Many more matches have taken place in this league and every single team has played more than its 8 matches in this league. Now, every team is rapidly reaching to the final stage of the league and as we can see that team VIF is at the 11th spot with 9 matches where they won 3 matches and lost 5 matches. Another side, team ROSB is at the 8th spot with 8 matches where they won just 2 matches. If we talk about the prediction so, team ROSB has better chances to lift the victory tonight.


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