A piece of heart-breaking news is coming that a woman commits suicide at Jolapettai railway station. The reason behind her suicide is highlighting that her father and two children in a recent fire accident. The news hit her so hard and she can’t able to overcome their death. The name of the woman who died by suicide is Vidhya. She jumped before a running train in Jolapettai railway station and leaves her breath. She was just 33 years old and now her decision of leaving her breath like that was actually very horrible.

Vidhya Commits Suicide By Jumping Before Running Train

Vidhya was suffering from the biggest loss of her father and children. She leaves her home without telling anyone and after that, her mother informed neighbors to search for her. Everyone starts to find her but she did not find by anyone. After so many efforts, Vidhya’s body found in the railway station in a very critical situation that completely gives goosebumps to everyone who watches her in the situation. Jolapettai Railway police recovered her body and sent it to a nearby hospital for post-mortem. Let us tell you that, Vidhya was separated from her husband, and now the accident that happened with her father and children might be the reason behind her death.

The police investigating the entire incident and looking forward to knowing more about the accident that happened at the Jolapettai railway station. Vidhya’s father named Mohan Reddy was 55 years old, and two children, Thejas and Dhanush were 8 years old and 6 years old respectively. The incident that happened with the father and children was held on 18th April 2021. Her father and children were caught fire on the firecracker shop owned by her father.

The incident happened when a potential buyer asked Mohan to fire a cracker in the shop. The fire caught the entire shop and caused the death of Mohan and her two children. The sorrow of the incident was actually very big for Vidhya but the step that she took was also not appropriate. Apart from the shop, closed shops and ten vehicles also caught by fire that was actually very horrible. Now, Vidhya leaves her breath by jumping before running the train and the police investigating the entire incident. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the incident.


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