A piece of big news has come on the web, that Afghan boy Haider, who is 9 years old has been trapped in 33ft well for 48 hours. As per the report, Rescuers in Afghanistan are putting in their best efforts to save a terrified boy stuck at a depth of 33 ft inside a well for two whole days. The nine-year-old boy as “Haider” have identified by the locals. Rescuers have been cultivating non-stop to save the boy who is squeezed inside of the well in an effort that they are calling a “race against time”.

Afghan boy Haider, 9, trapped in 33ft well

Here are several things for telling you about the news. You are on the right page for getting the information. We will tell you all the details in this article. Let’s continue the article, keep reading.

According to the report, The incident happened in Sholok village located in the Zabul Province in southern Afghanistan. Officials have shared the video on social media of Afghanistan’s new Taliban and the government shows the boy, Haider was squeezed in the well, somewhat able to move his hands, arms, and upper body.

The boy who is little can be listened to crying in terror and pain in the video. So his situation was very similar to the Moroccan boy Rayan who passed away in an underground well shaft even rescuers burrowed to get to him.

Furthermore, In videos of Haider which were shared, the father of the boy is heard talking to his son. “Are you okay my loving son?” his father can be heard saying in the video. his father says that talking with him and asked shared what happened to him and asks not to cry. They said they are working to get you out.” and added he will keep taking him. And the boy replies in a plaintive voice.

Rescuers had arrived a camera down to the boy with the help of a rope in order to communicate with him they were calming him with the communication. And they were diverting his mind from the terrible thought and the vibes. Boy was afraid after being stuck there.

That was a difficult situation for him and he was facing it strongly. Rescuers are still trying their best to get to Haider and save him before time runs out. We have shared all the information in this article which we had about the news. Stay tuned for more updates.


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