James Eugene Carrey is a Canadian, American actor, comedian, writer, amazing producer as well. He is known for his powerful slapstick performances. An award function went viral on the web in a speedy manner. In the viral video comedian, actor, producer, writer Jim Carrey is doing forcibly kissing 19 years old Alicia Silverstone at the 1997 MTV Movie Awards. The award was for best comedic performance for Cable Guy and was awarded the award. He planned previously when he would enter on stage he would kiss the actress which left her shocked. This news has gained huge attention from the public. This news is making a storm on the web very speedily. People are curious to know about the news. Here we will share all the authentic details in this article. Let’s continue the article.

jim carrey kissing alicia

According to the report, He kissed her forcibly in the wrong manner to present a strong Stance against Will Smith. Jim Carrey kissed Alicia at the Award function. He forced the young lady and kissed in a forcible manner her on MTV in order to dogpile on Will Smith. However, Jim Carrey stated after that, he had no intention to heart Alicia but his motive was different.

Jim Carrey Kissing Alicia Silverstone Video Viral

So he took to apologize to her behind to stage when he realized that the actress was humiliated. The video went viral when the actor censured Hollywood for giving will smith a respective ovation on Oscars night after he won the award of Best Actor for King Richard. Scroll down the page to get the details in this article.

According to the report, Actor Jim Carrey reacted to the viral moment, he explained, to CBS’s Gayle King that he was “Sickened” by will Smith received a standing ovation from all. Rather he continue his words and told “Hollywood is just spineless en Masse and it really felt like this is a really clear sign that they are not much cool club anymore”.

Who Is Jim Carrey?

He added that “he has revealed this morning that he was prosecuted will for $200 million because that forever, it is going to be ubiquitary. Several are supporting Jim Carrey, said it was a very frequent action of him, he had not done this intentionally to heart Alicia Silverstone, but some are saying that his action was not right, which he did with the actress and should not humiliate a lady like this. They are saying that he should apologize to her more times. Stay tuned for more updates.


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