VIDEO: Girl Shits Herself During Fight In Primark Birmingham Fighting Poo Video Goes Viral on Twitter: Recently a video started making rounds on social media, the ongoing viral video is about a weird fight between two girls. In the viral video, you can see two rolling around the ground and exchanging blows. The ongoing viral video is getting popular with the title, “Primark Video”. Yes, this video is about a Primark Store located in Birmingham. Many people are searching for this video while people who have watched this video are sharing it with their buddies and social media friends on Twitter. As of now, Primark Video has gained more than 231K views on Twitter and the numbers are still counting. But if you are still deprived of the ongoing viral Primark Video then this article will help you to get an explanation of the ongoing viral video. Let’s start exploring the Primark Video in the further placed sections of this article. Follow More Updates On

Did The Primark Girl Kill Herself

Primark Birmingham Fighting Poo Video

As per the latest report, this video leaked on the internet on July 9th, 2022, Saturday, and it was filmed by a CCTV camera installed outside the Primark store in Birmingham. In the video, you can clearly hear hatred words from two girls who are saying, “Let go and I will let go of you”. In the ongoing viral video, a woman wearing a black dress is pleading with another girl as she was being pinned to the ground. Netizens remained expressionless when two women started fighting poo in front of the customers. Kindly shift to the next section for more details.

Primark Birmingham Fighting Poo Video Video on Twitter

In the video, the voiceovers of their friends could also hear in the background while the black-dressed girl abused the other girl in the video. Meanwhile, hundreds of people congested the scene and started recording the video for their personal fun. But now that clip has taken over Twitter and is watched by thousands of people as of yet.

Girl Shits Herself During Fight In Primark Video

We also tried to locate the origin of the video but did not get any reliable results. However, it is being reported that the situation was later controlled by the authorities. The West Midlands Police reported, “we are aware of the viral video that is getting viral on social media depicting a fight in Primark in Birmingham.” The police also reported that this incident took place in Primark on Friday. The officers of the Midlands Police department also contacted the security and management of the store following the incident.


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