Victor Capistrano: Rose Furigay’s Executive Assistant Casualty At Ateneo Shooting Incident: Another shooting happened in Quezon City at Ateneo de Manila University around 2:55 PM in which three people died and in which one of them was Victor Capistrano the executive assistant of Rosita Furigay who is a Lamitan City Mayor. People are searching for this news and want to know the whole incident story this news has become the top of the headlines and three people got dead in this shooting. If you are here to know about Victor Capistrano and the shooting incident so you are in a right place. We have mentioned detailed information about this news. Follow More Updates On

Remus Medina

Who Was Victor Capistrano?

He was the executive assistant of Rosita Furigay but he is not there with us. As he kept his life private he didn’t share any of his & family’s details with anyone. It’s been said that he was married and had children. Though our team members are trying to find more about him and his family so we can update it for you. But in the shooting, a mayor was also killed as Rosita went to attend the graduation ceremony of Hanna Rose who is her daughter and now she is also taking treatment.

What Happened In Ateneo Shooting?

The shooting happened on the college campus named Ateneo de Manila University which is located in Quezon City in which three people died in this shooting. This shooting happened on Sunday around 2:25 PM when people came to the university to celebrate the graduation ceremony of their children. As said by officials three people died in this incident named Rosita Furigay, the Former mayor, and his guard named Victor. People got scared when the shooting happened and the happy ceremony turned into a sad ceremony. The daughter of Furigay also got severe injuries in this shooting and is now admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Is The Culprit Arrested?

Yes, the person who is responsible for this shooting and who killed many people in this shoot is now under custody. His name is Chao Tiao- Yumol. a post shared by Yummie Dingding in which the culprit is arrested and he also shared the link of his photos and video of his arrest we too mentioned the post below. Police also found a .45 pistol from the body and the silencer was applied on the gun and he took entry into the ceremony being a guard. May they all Rest In Peace.


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