The recently viral girl Vera Mekuli is once again in the trend because of her latest Christmas party lap dance. The current news is that He apologized to his wife at the Christmas party because giving a lap dance to the girl. She was emotional in that video and that why searching for the video. Here are the complete details that you should know about this news and get all the updates.

vera Mekuli Video Shows Christmas Party Lap Dance

Also, the details say that Vera Mekuli also apologized to the wife of the lieutenant. The wife’s name of Rookie Cop is Melissa McGarry. It was a moment when everybody saw the man crying and his tearful eyes showing the guilt he is facing right now. The incident of this lap dance with a cop happened on December 15, 2021.

Vera Mekuli Video Shows Christmas Party Lap Dance 

‘I want to apologize the lieutenant’s wife, you know, I am sorry, truly I am,’ she said in a video obtained by TMZ. ‘I hope it didn’t cause too much damage in the marriage or in your personal life. She said that it is rough but it does not mean like this.

Besides this, she has revealed that he was not returned to her work after the incident and she also feels embarrassed after this lap dance. Mekuli revealed that she has been working from home after the incident. Maybe the video in which she apologized for help and sort the matter. The video is getting viral over the internet and there are many things that we want to explore here and tell you the complete information.

Now talking about Vera Makuli then according to the details she is 26 years old. She went popular after the lap dance video in which she gave a lap dance to Rookie Cop. In the latest video, Vera Makuli claims that she had no knowledge of the marriage of Rookie Cop.

Vera Mekuli Video Explained

Footage from the event showed Mekuli grinding her backside on McGarry’s lap as he sits in a chair and holds onto her thighs. The Rookie cop said that he had suffered lots of judgment after the party. For further information, you can bookmark the website in your browser and get all the important updates every minute.


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