Vampire Vs the Bronx, you must be in the swim about the Web series, because it is one of the most awaited series, for what we all were waiting for, it is an American horror plus comedy series, here we will tell you plenty of things related to it, and you will also discover all the details about the series, such as its cast members, releasing date and story of the series, so let’s move forward to know more, let’s get started.

Netflix Horror-Comedy 'Vampires vs. The Bronx' Everything We Know So Far -  Republic Of Buzz

As we told you in the above paragraph that it is an American horror and comedian series, which was directed byOsmany Rodriguez, and the writer of the series is Osmany Rodriguez and Blaise Hemingway, it is such an interesting series, we should is and the most exciting thing is this, it has been released today on 2nd of Oct in 2020, now it is available on the Netflix, you may enjoy it with your family and friends, it will give you a good time.

Let’s know more the series, if you want to know about the star cast of it, here you will find out, in this series, you will see performing Sarah Gadon, Coco Jones, The Kid Mero, Method Man, Chris Redd, Gregory Diaz IV, Vladimir Caamano, Jaden Michael, and Gerald W. Jones III, they all are amazing actors and actresses, you will see their outstanding acting skills, it may give you goosebumps, producer of the series is Lorne Micheals. We wish the best for the series.

Talking about the main thing of the series, which is its plot, as per the sources the Web Series is moving around a group of the teenagers, who are forced to help their neighbors, where they some vampires, their neighbors are in trouble with the vampires, you will also see many horror scenes and comedy scenes too, as we know it is one of the best horror and comedian series, “Vampires vs the Bronx”. People are giving their love to the web series and it is being liked by the audience, we hope, it will keep going like this. Do watch only on Netflix


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