The most awaited couple’s special week and love days are here with exceptional enjoyment. Here is Valentines Day dress code 2021. Every year the week come to remark new memorable, moments in our life. Valentine’s week starts from February 7 to February 14th. Many people exchange gifts and other amazing surprises to their better half and loved ones. The week starts with the rose day which is the first initial day of this week. People confuse about wearing which suitable valentine color which will be the best valentine dress code. Obviously, it is an emotional sentiment of the couples and because this is specially made for the love birds.


Valentine’s day is one of the most precious days of the year not for just its popularity across this world but there are significance and history behind this day. As we know, valentine was a father of the church who fought with a King to organized the marriage of a love bird. According to history, he fought to save Love, and then King killed him. In the remembrance of the legend, the universe started celebrating the day as the symbol of love.

Valentine Week Dress Codes 2021

Now here is the various colors as the dress code of Valentine’s week or Valentine’s day 2021. You can pick any suitable dress with the mentioned color. So it will be easy for you to choose the right dress with the suitable color for the day.

Dress Colour Meaning
Blue Love Applicants Invited
Green I am waiting
Red Already in Love, Two side
Black Proposal Rejected
White Sorry, I am already reserved
Orange Going to Propose
Pink Proposal accepted
Purple/Grey Note interested, Better luck next time
Yellow Broke Up
Brown Broken Hearts

Valentine Week Dress Colour 2021

Valentine’s week dress color is basically made to make this week more interesting and add some more unique ideas to make it better. So let’s begin to know about every color with various dress ideas for the special week as well as a special day.

Now after all the information, we want to wish you a very Happy Valentines Week and Happy Valentines Day 2021. Choose your favorite color with Valentine Color 2021. If you want to know about the gifting ideas then please suggest your query. We will definitely make it a specific article on it.


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