The craze for basketball matches and their fans is never going down because of the excellent players and their teams. The bond of the teams always excites the fans and that’s a reason where most people want to watch these matches. Well, Spanish Liga ACB always stays amazing and fans always want to watch every single match and some of the people don’t want to skip a single battle of this league.

val vs um

Well, we have another great news for the watchers who have been watching these matches that the league is ready for another battle where two teams of the league, Valencia Basket (VAL) and UCAM Murcia (UM) are ready to play their 3rd match of this league.

VAL vs UM Live Score

Well, the match is going to be more excited because both teams have played their 2 matches in this league and now, it’s time for another one. Maybe, you will be graced to watch this match because each player will show their skills against the rival team and their skills were noticed by millions of fans.

Along with this, watchers always get curious to know which team has more chances to win this match because they want to play Dream11 and creates their own team. Now, we are going to update all the latest details of the match and you will get all the information about this match.

VAL vs UM: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Valencia Basket (VAL) vs UCAM Murcia (UM)
  • League:- Spanish Liga ACB 2021-22
  • Venue:- Pavelló Municipal Font de Sant Lluís, Spain
  • Date:- Sunday, September 26, 2021
  • Time:- 04:00 PM IST

VAL vs UM: Team Squad

Valencia Basket (VAL):- Josep Puerto, Louis Labeyrie, Bojan Dubljevic, Jasiel Rivero, Alejandro Bellver, Gonzalo Bressan, Sam Van Rossom, Klemen Prepelic, Mike Tobey, Victor Claver, Nenad Dimitrijevic, Guillem Ferrando, Martin Hermannsson, Millan Jimenez, Jaime Pradilla, and Xabi Lopez-Arostegui.

UCAM Murcia (UM):- Chris Czerapowicz, Tomas Bellas, Kostas Vasileiadis, James Webb, Augusto Lima, Rinalds Malmanis, Nemanja Radovic, Isaiah Taylor, Sadiel Rojas, Emanuel Cate, Jordan Davis, and Thaddus McFadden.

VAL vs UM: Team Lineups

Valencia Basket (VAL):- Klemen Prepelic, Josep Puerto, Victor Claver,  Louis Labeyrie, Sam Van Rossom, Xabi Lopez-Arostegui, Bojan Dubljevic,

UCAM Murcia (UM):- Thaddus McFadden, James Webb, Augusto Lima, Isaiah Taylor, Jordan Davis, Sadiel Rojas, and Kostas Vasileiadis.

VAL vs UM: Match Prediction

This always remains the most asked question that who will win tonight in the match but how can we tell this because it is unpredictable and we can just share some predictions here that which team has more chances to win this match.

Both teams have played 2 matches and both have won 1 match and lost another one. It is hard to predict but the experts say that team VAL has more chances to win this match of their players and strategy that always works.


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