The V miniseries is superbly written and directed by Ken Johnson. The letter V stands for The Visitors, who are actually aliens come to Earth under the misrepresentation of helping humankind. Since, the visitors are lizard looking likes they put on human skin for the disguise. But, their true intentions revealed with time, their plan is to get the world’s water and befriend humanity in an attempt to gain converts to their cause or a cowed populace who will not stand in their way and they can take the control over the world.

Although, some people know the truth about visitors and are working hard to expose them while others are welcoming them and forming alliances. There is also a member within their ranks Fifth Columnists in the Visitors who are against them and thinks their intentions are not right and starts working against their leaders.

Albeit every scene’s story is planned for that specific one. In any case, there are sure hidden strings that integrate each other in one story. For instance, there was the conflict as to whether rebel leader Julie could be trusted or not in the wake of having been caught by the Visitors and put their mental conversion techniques. Mike Donovan and war-profiteer Ham Tyler as to the best way to eliminate the alien threat. Teen Robin Maxwell was impregnated by the Visitor Brian during the first miniseries and now, she will be giving birth here.

V-The Final Battle Reviw

The crossbreeding which was forced by Diana, resulted in hybrid fraternal twins, a reptilian boy with blue eyes, and a human girl with a snake tongue. When Parrish, a doctor, conducts a post-mortem, she finds a strain of bacteria that executed the boy and could be transformed into a weapon, named Red Residue, to repulse the intruders. Utilizing hot air balloons, they seeded the bacterium all over, making the planet toxic for the invaders.

But it turns out the Visitors are badass, and before they fled they abandoned their last mothership, changing it over to a nuclear bomb. Diana finally comes into her own, seizing the effect of the Visitor forces, she gets away from the mothership sure that the people won’t have the option to stop the commencement. What’s more, she’s correct, they’ve discovered no real way to contradict the controls that are going to explode the planet with a momentous blast. Luckily, Elizabeth (now grown up a little) is there, and ultimately she puts her hands on the keys and says “Peace” in her alien language.

And, at last, in V: The Final Battle, the miniseries, the last scenes ties all the plot strings and fight off the invaders once and for all.


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