The world popular volleyball league is ready with another and important match of the league that will turn the life of two teams of the league. Yes, Champions League Men of Volleyball is coming with a Quater-Final match of the league in which two teams will come in front of each other to reach to the Semi-Final and the match has attracted millions of fans across the world.


It will be interesting to watch this match as team UVG Graz (UVG) and team Vk Spartak Komarno (SPK) are going to play their Quater-Final match of the league. It will be interesting to watch both teams on the volleyball court again.

UVG vs SPK Live Score

Well, much important information is not available on the Internet but we always come with the information of those matches which is also important for some people and they have been also waiting to watch the matches of the league.

According to the sources, the teams have shared much information on their Facebook pages but due to lack of information, the people couldn’t find the important details of the match. We are going to provide you with every and most important information so, you can visit the court to watch this match and the tickets are also available on the Internet.

UVG vs SPK: Match Details

  • Team Names:- UVG Graz (UVG) vs Vk Spartak Komarno (SPK)
  • League:- Champions League Men
  • Venue:- Raiffeisen Sportpark Graz
  • Date:- Thursday, October 14, 2021
  • Time:- 11:45 PM IST

UVG vs SPK: Team Squad

UVG Graz (UVG):- Marcell Koch Mikulass, Jose Jardim, Elia Stosch, Lorenz Koraimann, Mark Maximilian Kremer, Grazen Julian Hield, Tiago Pereira, Lukas Schuecher, Johannes Kratz, Liam Ochaya, Kemal Imsirovic, David Reiter, Clemens Unterberger, and Niklas Steiner.

Vk Spartak Komarno (SPK):- Peter Janusek, Nemanja Stefanovic, Wojciech Kazmierczak, Peter Papai, Ivan Perovic, Matej Hukel, Juraj Rak, Tomas Halanda, Lukas Stahuliak, Ugljesa Ilic, Robert Demcak, Tibor Tokar, Marian Hrusik, and Samuel Podstupka.

UVG vs SPK: Lineup Player

UVG Graz (UVG):- Jose Jardim, Elia Stosch, Lorenz Koraimann, Tiago Pereira, Lukas Schuecher, and Clemens Unterberger.

Vk Spartak Komarno (SPK):- Peter Papai, Juraj Rak, Tomas Halanda, Ivan Perovic, Matej Hukel, and Juraj Rak.

UVG vs SPK: Match Prediction

It will not be easy to reveal which team has more chances to win this match because it will be the Quater-Final match of the league and who will win tonight, will reach the Semi-Final match of the league. Well, many fans are searching for the team which team has more chances to win this match and according to the sources, team UVG Graz has more chances to win this match against rival team.


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