A horrific incident has been reported from the Saharanpur’s Telipura locality, Uttar Pradesh where a 24-years-old man has been booked for murder. According to the sources, a residence of the Saharanpur area, Kaleem Ali allegedly slit the throat of his wife named Shama after she insisted on visiting her parent’s house in the Saharanpur’s Telipura, Uttar Pradesh.

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The man has been identified as Kaleem Ali, 24, and his wife, now deceased Shama, 22 tied know only two years ago. Till yet, Kaleem has not been arrested as neighbors informed the police about the incident but the accused had fled by then.

Man kills wife after she insists on visiting her parents’ house

Saharanpur Superintendent of Police, Rajesh Kumar said,” the neighbors of Kaleem informed s that they heard a woman screaming inside the house of Kaleem on Tuesday, December 21, 2021. As they knocked on the door, they did not receive any response from inside.

They called us after they saw Kaleem leave his house”. While the reports are revealing that Kaleem was frustrated due to his wife’s frequent visits to her parent’s house. Not only this but Shama’s brother also had an argument with Kaleem over allowing her to visit her parent’s house”.

The FIR against Kaleem has been registered in the local police station and the investigation has begun to search of the Kaleem. As per the sources, Kaleem Ali was frustrated due to his wife’s visits to her parent’s house.

As Kaleem informed the police that the incident took place on Tuesday morning as they hears the crying sound of Shama and screams inside the house.

After a few times, they saw Kaleem leaving out of the house. As per the eyewitnesses, when Kaleem was leaving his house, he murmured,” Ab reh mayke me hi (now stay at your parent’s house)”. Now, Kaleem has been booked for murdering his wife, SHama and the investigation into the case is underway as the police are trying to locate him.

Some of the sources are revealing that they were both alone in the house and they were the only ones in their family. The incident took place on Tuesday morning and after that, neighbors informed the police and told everything.

Later, police opened the door and found the body of Shama in the house. Now, an arrest warrant has been issued for Kaleem and police are trying to locate him. Shama’s family is deeply shocked after learning the passing of their daughter.


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