The basketball Champions League is introducing another match tonight and fans are also visiting the arena to watch this basketball battle. It will be interesting to watch this match because of the players. As we can see that team Universo Treviso (UTB) and team BAXI Manresa (MAN) will play the next match tonight. The match will take some time to begin and if you are one of the interesting so, you can also watch this match by visiting the arena. Here are some more details of the upcoming match.

utb vs man live score

According to the updates, the tickets will be available on the official website of the league. If you want to choose your best picks so, Chima Moneke, DeWayne Russell, Joe Thomasson, Ismael Bako, and Dani Parez will be the best players in the league. Along with this, the updates share that the match will be played at PalaVerde (Villorba) under the Basketball Champions League. The league is also known as Europe: Champions League. Both teams haven’t played many matches in this league and maybe, the competition will be the toughest for them. So, get ready to watch this match tonight.

UTB vs MAN: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Universo Treviso (UTB) vs BAXI Manresa (MAN)
  • League:- Basketball Champions League
  • Venue:- PalaVerde (Villorba)
  • Date:- Tuesday, March 8, 2022
  • Time:- 01:00 AM IST

UTB vs MAN: Team Squad

Universo Treviso (UTB):- Enrico Vettori, Davide Poser, Nicola Akele, Leonardo Faggian, Giordano Bortolani, Matteo Imbro, Tomas Dimsa, Michal Sokolowski, Mikk Jurkatamm, Alessandro Buzzavo, Aaron Jones, Matteo Chillo, Henry Sims, Alberto Pellizzari, Eduardo Ronca, and DeWayne Russell.

BAXI Manresa (MAN):- Yankuba Sima, Musa Sagnia, Marcis Steinbergs, Txemi Urtasun, Luke Maye, Rafa Martinez, Guillem Jou, Ismael Bako, Dani Perez, Joe Thomasson, Elias Valtonen, Chima Moneke, Dani Garcia, Juan-Pablo Vaulet, Paul Ater Maker Bol, and Sylvain Francisco.

UTB vs MAN: Lineups Player

Universo Treviso (UTB):- Matteo Chillo, Henry Sims, Matteo Imbro, Tomas Dimsa, Michal Sokolowski, Alessandro Buzzavo, Giordano Bortolani, and Aaron Jones.

BAXI Manresa (MAN):- Dani Perez, Joe Thomasson, Elias Valtonen, Chima Moneke, Rafa Martinez, Guillem Jou, Ismael Bako, and Yankuba Sima.

UTB vs MAN: Match Prediction

As we can see in the point table that both teams are standing in Group J. Here are 4 teams in this group and team UTB is at the 4th spot with 2 matches where they lost both matches. On the other side, team MAN is at 3rd spot with 2 matches where the team just won a single match and lost another one. As per the updates and gameplay, team UTB has more chances to win this match against team MAN>


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