The United States of America is a very famous and popular country. The economy of America is very strong and the country is known across the world for its power and exceptional growth. Many people want to visit America and stay there just because of its culture and people who are so courteous. America has one of the strongest armies. Now it is high time to go for elections where the republic of America will decide who will become the 46th President of America. The public across the district Columbia and 50 states will vote for choosing their new President. The two persons who stand in the election are Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Us Election Result Live Update Votes Voting Winner Counting Joe Biden & Donald Trump

The Officials Counting the Total Polls given by Residence

Donald Trump is The President of America and now his period as President will going to ends now. Today, the result of the election will be coming at any time. Yesterday all the polls were closed and now the officials are counting the total polls given by the public. Also, everyone wants to know the mood of the public and want to know the result of the United States Elections. Both the contestants are worked a lot for the country but now the public had to choose only one of them as the President of the United States.

All the results will be announced on all news channels all over the world. All the countries were faced many difficulties in the whole pandemic and many people are suffering from the effect of the pandemic. In the US, more than 240 million citizens are eligible for voting. The prediction of us and the many citizens in America is Joe Biden. Most of the views and the points related to choosing the President of America are common that is Joe Biden.

The Result of the United State Election Poll Vote count

Both the personalities are very famous and popular all over India but the choice of most of the residence of America is Joe Biden. The fake polls on social media are giving an idea about the new President of America. We just want to know the result of the polls but the result is already predictable which is Joe Biden. The cost of the election is expected to $14 billion including all the expenses spent by-election parties. The election results will be coming soon but the most expected result is Joe Biden will be won the election and become the 46th President of America and rule the country in his own manner.


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