President Donald Trump has been very open with his attacks on China ever since the Coronavirus crisis hit the United States. This time, the US President has once again directed a major strike on China. Actually, the US is trying hard to go behind the cause of the spread of this pandemic. In reference to this, Donald Trump while speaking to reporters at the White House on Monday said that China could have prevented the coronavirus before it spread to the whole world. And that the United States is conducting a very serious investigation against China and if Beijing is found guilty, they could be fined billions of dollars

Trump said that the coronavirus has caused worldwide damage. This is a loss to America as well as the whole world. When asked whether the US could take steps similar to Germany seeking compensation for damages. The US President said, ‘Germany is also considering something and we are also seeing something and we are taking a far larger amount than the amount of compensation that Germany is talking about. We have not yet determined the final amount, but it is going to be a very large amount.’

us investigation

It is clear that the US will go to the roots to find out the actual reason for this spread. In such a situation, the pressure of international investigation on China is increasing day by day. Now China is badly fed up with these demands and said on Monday that such an investigation has no legal basis and that there have been no concrete results of the investigation of such epidemics in the past.

Note that this deadly virus that emerged in China in mid-November last year has killed more than two lakh people and infected over three million people. A large portion of these accounts for the US citizens. So far 56,000 people have died due to this virus in the US and more than one million people are infected.

America has been constantly attacking China because of this, now some countries of Europe have also joined it, who believe that this deadly virus came from China and the reason for its origin is China. Leaders of America, Britain and Germany are saying that if China had transparency in giving information about this virus at an early stage, then such a large number of people would not have died and the global economy would not have suffered so much. Apart from America, many countries have started talking about recovering compensation from China.


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