Upper Canada Mall Shooting June 22, 2022: Canada Mall In New Market Ontario: Shooting cases are now normal in many countries. Mostly, shootings occurred in malls & churches but this time a piece of news came to us that a shooting happened in a Canadian Mall after which the people who were presented there got shocked and got scared. Though the police team came to the location at the current time and handled it well. When the news got viral people started searching for this news and they want to know about the whole incident that happened inside the mall. Let’s find more information about this news. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Upper Canada mall shooting

Upper Canada Mall Shooting June 22

This shooting took place in Canada at the Upper Canada Mall which is in Ontario’s new market. People were having fun in the mall peacefully, but a sound came due to the shooting after which people started running away, they got the sound of the gun from the food court which was on the first floor of the mall. After that, the security guards came there and check the situation in the mall. People told them that weapons are in the mall and shooters have reached the mall. The People who were in the mall were moved outside slowly and many safety measures were taken to save their lives of people.

This incident happened around 3:30 pm on 26th March 2022 the afternoon after which the guards called the police for further investigation and when they reached they came to know that a group of three teens had made this. After which, a statement was given by a police officer Marc Hilliker that a group of teens was involved in a fight and this case was then given to the weapon cell for further information. Though another statement also released that there are no weapons with them.

In this shooting, no one got harmed and safety measures were taken at the right time. Although, this mall is closed for now for further investigation by the police team, and no weapons were found with them. Police are now investigating the whole case. They will inform the detailed information media later on. We have this much information till now also the police is asking if someone has information related to this news they should call the police at 1-866-876-5423, so any of you if have any information can share with them which will help them to solve the case. Stay connected with us for more information on Technology and business and many more.


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