Here is shocking news comes in our knowledge which indicates that the cruelty is continuously rising. One more shameful crime happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar. As per the news, a 30-year-old woman is allegedly killed by her husband because of her inability to bear a child.

man kilss wife in up

Yes, absolutely it is seriously shameful for humanity that is never expected by anyone. Here is the complete news and let’s know who is the man who killed his wife because she was not capable to become pregnant.

Man Kills 30-Year-Old Wife in UP

According to the report, the incident has happened in Budhana town of the district. The deceased woman Khushnuma has married to accused man Waseem just nine years ago. After the FIR the accused has been arrested by UP police. Further procedures is started in this case.

The information about the dead body is not yet available. The dead body was sent for postmortem. Unfortunately, the postmortem examination report is yet to be revealed or will be updated later. When the report comes to our knowledge we will give your brief detail here.

The investigation is ongoing in this case and police search for more related things. So far there is only this available information is released by the Police. Along with it, the family name and other accused behind this murder will come later if police found.

After knowing this news, almost every person is shocked that how anyone can do this. Even it is beyond the thinking of humanity. This murder news is rolled out all over the city of Muzaffarnagar, UP. If you want to know the remaining information then you will know it here.


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