A minor girl in Uttar Pardesh District Hapur, attacked with acid inside the house. The neighbor in the Meerut district has admitted her to the nearest government hospital in Meerut. Doctors have confirmed that she has multiple burn injuries. The senior police officer said that “The incident happened on Sunday around 7:30 pm. The case has been registered.” The man who has thrown the acid has been arrested after 6 hours of the incident. The girl’s father accused him then the police came to arrest him. Police took him to custody and asked him about the incident. He confessed that the girl was his friend and she stopped talking to him.

Acid Attack
Acid Attack

The police have updated a video of the accused man on the internet. His name is Rohil Khan and lived in Meerut. His father gave the statement to the police that the man has attacked his daughter when she was working inside the home. Then he threw the acid on her. His daughter shouted and was screaming. He ran to rescue his daughter and asked his neighbor to take his daughter to the hospital. Rohil tried to run but he caught him a few hours after the incident. When the police came they arrested Rohil but he was not well so they also admitted him to the hospital.

The police have ensured that once Rohil will get his conscious they will make an inquiry regarding the incident and will take actions according to the victim’s statement. The victim’s father has given a statement that he tried to take advantage of his friendship with the girl so she stopped talking to her. It’s been a month that she has spoken to that man. It seems that he has taken revenge on the girl by throwing acid on her. The local journalist Alok Pandey has covered the incident and said that the Police has arrested Rohil, who attempted the acid attack and took him to the hospital after he got unconscious when police tried to arrest him.

They forcefully arrested him and he got unconscious after the incident. The police have ensured his family towards the case and said that they will reveal the matter soon that why did Rohil do that. The doctors have confirmed that the girl is out of danger and soon they will take her statement. The victim’s father has requested to serve justice to her daughter. To know more about this article stay connected to us.



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