A girl in Meerut gang-raped when she was returning home from tuition. The girl committed suicide after the incident and write the name of who raped her. The girl was studying in 10th class and used to go tuition in another village. She went to the tuition on Saturday evening she got raped by four men from the nearby village. She returned home and consumed poison. Her family took her to the hospital immediately where she declared dead by Doctors. The girl has left a note where she wrote the name of Lakhan who lives in a village where she went for tuition. Police have arrested Lakhan on the basis of the suicide note and then they arrested Vikas and Prakash who’s name was also written on the note.

class 10 girl rape

She dictated the story in the suicide note where she has written how they assault her. The girl who lived in a village comes under the Sardhana Kotwali area. Lakhan, Vikas, and Prakash live in the village where she used to go for tuition every evening. The family of the victim called the Police immediately when they found her unconscious. The sister of that girl went to call her but she didn’t get any response. She called her mother and they found her unconscious in her room. They called the ambulance immediately and rushed to the local hospital.

Her family found the suicide note in her room which was written by the victim where she wrote the name of four men who assault her. The girl was facing humiliation for a few days but didn’t talk to her family about it. On Thursday night when she returned home she didn’t talk to anyone about the incident. Police investigated her family about the incident but they denied that she didn’t share anything with them. Police have started investigating from Vishal and soon the case will be referred to the high court to bring justice for the girl.

The doctors have confirmed with her family about the rape and they stated that the girl consumed the poison and died during treatment. The police assured the family that they will help them to bring justice to their daughter and incriminate will be punished soon.  The investigation is still going on and the police have registered the case against them. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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