Another shocking and heart-breaking news coming from Unnao where two girls were found dead in the field. The age of the girls is 13 years and 16 years in which one girl of 17-years-old was found in critical condition. All the girls were found in the family’s field in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday, 17 February. The third girl is still fighting with a critical condition. Let us tell you that all the girls belong to the same family but after the girls found in the most dangerous condition then all the people who know about the incident are very afraid.

Unnao Case


The police regularly investigating the entire matter and trying to solve the mystery behind the death of two girls. The girl who found in critical1 condition was taken to the hospital in Kanpur. The doctors said that the condition of the girl is very critical and the bodies of the two deceased girls have been sent to the postmortem. A detailed investigation is going on and all the people are very upset after knowing the saddest information.

In a statement in which Unnao Superintendent of Police Sureshrao Kulkarni said “the three girls had gone to the family’s fields to fetch fodder. However, when they did not return after several hours, family members went there in search of them and found them in an unconscious state”. The name of the girls are Komal (16), Kajal (13 years) and Roshni (17 years). The investigation is going on and all the police officers are regularly trying to clear the matter. The police also said that there are no blood stains and any serous injury marks found in their bodies.

Another statements also becoming viral that some family members told that the hands of the girls were tied when they found them. But this statement was denied by the police. While the girls were taken to the district hospital but Komal and Kajal were declared dead on arrival but the last girl was alive but in critical condition. Later, Roshni was referred to the hospital in Kanpur but even her condition not improve. So, the investigation is going on and the police trying to make the entire matter clear in the front of everyone.


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