Unlock 5.0: On 29th September 2020 Here we bring good news for everyone who suffers from problems related to travel and other things due to the Lockdown under COVID-pandemic. This is really relaxing news in this difficult situation. It seriously makes such relief to the people who suffer from lots of problems due to the lockdown. Some people are also there who had jobs in these sectors and loses their jobs due to lockdown.


As its the end of the fourth lockdown and there are Unlock 5.0 is introduced and guidelines are issued. As we know the fourth Unlock is the witness of reopening Metro services and resume IX-XII school as partial days. The resumption of metro services does a lot of help to the daily travelers of office to home. along with this resumption, there is more flexibility is given in other public transportation sources like Delhi transportation Buses.

What will be Reopen in Unlock 5.0? Here is the list.

In unlock 5.0 the tourism of different states has been resumed such as Sikkim tourism and West Bengal who resume their malls and movie halls. From the starting of the October month, there will be these following services are to be resumed as per the guidelines of the Indian government.

  • Airport( Terminal 2)
  • Malls and Multiplex (with all safety measure)
  • Tourism
  • Economic Activities
  • Academic activities (with partial days)

Delhi Airport Terminal 2 is ready to resume operations

Delhi Airport’s Terminal to be resumed all the operations from 1 October 2020. The Delhi International Airport Limited(DIAL) has announced. Since the lockdown was enforced in March-end, all resumed flights at the airport have been operating from Terminal 3. DIAL has assured a safe and healthy environment as the second terminal resumes operations.

Terminal 2 will be starting with 96 air traffic movement per day(48 departures and 48 arrivals). It will be taken up to 180 air traffic per day till the end of October. About 27 counters—11 for GoAir and 16 for IndiGo—have been created.

Delhi International Airport Limited CEO Videsh Kumar Jaipuriar has said “We would like to assure passengers that at Delhi airport, they would be in a safe and healthy environment. We have implemented several measures at the airport to ensure passenger safety without compromising their comfort and experience.” and for safety, the Team is continuously sanitizing Terminal 2.

through the information in India, we are about at the end of COVID because from the WHO reports there are daily cases are continuously decreasing with great numbers. If there is a condition that will be better more services are to be also resumed very soon. Some services are still not opening but it takes time to issued permissions to the resumption of everything because the government doesn’t want to take any chance of risk in COVID.


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