Argentina Superliga is one of the most popular and amazing leagues among the famous league. The league is showing some back-to-back matches to their fans in recent days. There are many football leagues are going on but the craze for the Argentine Superliga is different from others.


We have watched several matches of this league and each match shows some unexpected from players as they show some genuine things to their fans through their game and tonight, one more game is scheduled for the watchers who loved to watch every match of the league. Tonight, team Union (UNI) and team Platense (PLA) are going to play their amazing match again in this league.

UNI vs PLA Live Score

Both teams have played too many matches and tonight, another match is ready for all the watchers. Both teams will play their 15th match of the league. Well, the excitement is rapidly increasing among the watchers who want to visit the stadium and support their team but unluckily, due to the Covid-19 complications, the audience or supporters are not allowed in the stadium.

So, you will need to take a rest in your home to watch the finest matches of the league. We will provide you the information about the upcoming match including its time, date, venue, lineups, and many more things. So, get ready to watch another battle of the league.

UNI vs PLA: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Union (UNI) vs Platense (PLA)
  • League:- Argentina Superliga (Argentine Primera Division)
  • Venue:- Estadio 15 de Abril
  • Date:- Friday, October 8, 2021
  • Time:- 11:00 PM IST

UNI vs PLA: Team Squad

Union (UNI):- Emanuel Britez, Federico Vera, Enzo Roldán, Juan Nardoni, Mauro Pittón,Brian Blasi, Gastón Comas, Kevin Zenon, Marco Bognino, Franco Calderon, Nicolas Penailillo, Juan Carlos Portillo, Martín Cañete, Lucas Esquivel, Claudio Corvalán, Mauro Luna Diale, Cristian Insaurralde, Nicolás Andereggen, Federico Bonansea, Nicolás Cordero, Daniel Juárez, Fernando Márquez, Imanol Machuca, Juan Manuel García, Matías Martínez, Máximo Ceratto, Gaston Gonzalez, Sebastian Moyano, Joaquín Gómez, Dylan Gissi, and Nicolás Blandi.

Platense (PLA):- Augusto Schott, Luciano Recalde, Mauro Bogado, Brian Mansilla, Franco Baldassarra, Roberto Bochi, Patricio Pérez, Tiago Palacios, Ivan Gomez, Matias Tissera, Horacio Tijanovich, Nadir Zeineddin, Florián Monzón, Andrés Desabato, Facundo Cardozo, Lucas Acevedo, Ignacio Schor, Facundo Russo, Gastón Gerzel, Marco Pellegrino, Hernán Lamberti, Kevin Lomónaco, Facundo Szarko, Julián Marcioni, Brandon Barbas, Cristian Marcial, Stefano Callegari, Nicolás Bertolo, Tomás Sandoval, Luis Ojeda, Nahuel Iribarren, Jorge de Olivera, Juan Infante, Jorge Pereyra Díaz, and Facundo Curuchet.

UNI vs PLA: Lineups Players

Union (UNI):- Emanuel Britez, Juan Nardoni, Sebastian Moyano, Claudio Corvalán, Enzo Roldán, Federico Vera, Mauro Pittón, Fernando Márquez, and Gaston Gonzalez, Mauro Luna Diale, and Dylan Gissi.

Platense (PLA):- Luciano Recalde, Gastón Gerzel, Facundo Curuchet, Nahuel Iribarren, Luis Ojeda,  Ivan Gomez, Franco Baldassarra, Facundo Cardozo, Brian Mansilla, Augusto Schott, and Hernán Lamberti.

UNI vs PLA: Match Prediction

The latest match of the league is about to start and fans are eagerly waiting to know which team has more chances to win this match. So, let’s find out the prediction of the match as team UNI is standing in the 14th position with 18 points where they won 5 matches and lost 6 matches.

On the other side, team PLA is standing in the 23rd position with 2 winning matches and lost 5 matches. Along with these last five matches, the performance of the league was not too good so, we can expect that team Union has more chances to win tonight’s match.


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