New Delhi: JNU Ex-student Umar Khalid was arrested on September 13 in Delhi, the capital of India. There we have all the details regarding this incident. stay with us on this blog. we will tell you every information about this case and why he was arrested by the Delhi Police and in which criminal offense. to begin this news we have to know about the Umar Khalid who is he? and what is the link from this Criminal Offence?

northeast Delhi riots case.

Why Delhi Police Arrest Umar Khalid?

From the officials, the Delhi Police has been arrested the Umar Khalid Ex-Student of JNU(Jawahar Lal Nehru University) due to the involvement in the recently happened Delhi riots. As you know recently in February Delhi suffers from lots of riots. and there were many more deaths and Public property loss happened due to this.

He was also involved with Kanahaiya Kumar. Kanhaiya Kumar is also a JNU(Jawahar Lal Nehru University) Ex-student and he is popular about the protest against the Indian government. there were many of the slogans which represent the frustration of this JNU group. there are many students in the Kanhaiya Kumar’s JNU group. who protest against the government many times. But this time it was Extreme.

Why did the Delhi Riot happen?

The Delhi riots were happened due to the NRC(National Register Citizens) Citizen Amendment Act announcement by the Central government and then to do protest and show their frustration against this Act. all the Migrated Students and other people which are outside of India and who don’t have their Indian citizenship identity from the last few years. The Delhi riots were at it extreme in the North-east Delhi area and many of the lives and people injured during this alleged protest.

What did the Delhi Police get in Interrogation?

The Delhi Police has been claimed that, After the 11 hours of interrogation, Delhi police find out there are many other victims of that spread hate, encourage the protesters to go any extreme. who also involved in this case. Devangana Kalita and Natasha Narwal, and Gulfisha Fathima of Jamia Milia Islamia – in the Jafrabad violence, there is also the women groups that are trending in earlier updates of this Delhi riot news.

It should not happen again because as we know there is we never get the pure and safe conclusion about any type of government rules and Acts. But due to the Protests like this, we only lost many lives and lots of Public property which is owned by paying taxes in the development of our nation.


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