German Basketball League is all set to introduce one more amazing basketball match for all the fans who have been waiting to watch this wonderful battle between these two teams. Maybe, the fans are also ready to watch this match as they have been watching every match of the league and now, the time has come when another match will take place.

ULM vs BBG Live Score

Tonight, we will get to see team Ratiopharm Ulm (ULM) and team Brose Bamberg (BBG) is going to play another match of this league as they have already played their 2 matches in this league. Now, the time for the 3rd match will bring lots of things for all the fans.

it will be interesting to watch all the matches of the league because each team is showing amazing skills and talents to the rival teams and showing that how they are and what’s the gameplay? We have seen that how the Bamberg team played their last two matches in this league and they are eagerly waiting to play their 3rd match of the league and finally, the time has over and tonight, they will play their 3rd match against Ulm whose performance is not enough in front of the rival team.

Well, fans can watch this match online and on their screens as the fans are not allowed in the stadium due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So, here are some information of the match and who has more chances to win this match.

ULM vs BBG: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Ratiopharm Ulm (ULM) vs Brose Bamberg (BBG)
  • League:- Germany: BBL Round 3
  • Venue:- Ratiopharm Arena (Ulm)
  • Date:- Sunday, October 10, 2021
  • Time:- 12:00 AM IST

ULM vs BBG: Team Squad

Ratiopharm Ulm (ULM):- Christoph Philipps, Isaiah Wilkins, Nat Diallo, Kristofer Krause, Timo Lanmueller, Igor Milicic, Andreas Obst, Per Guenther, Troy Caupain, Demitrius Conger, Trey Landers, Marius Stoll, Cameron Clark, Nicolas Bretzel, Thomas Klepeisz, John Petrucelli, Aric Holman, Moritz Krimmer, Patrick Heckmann, and Dylan Osetkowski.

Brose Bamberg (BBG):- David Kravish, Elias Baggette, Dominic Lockhart, Bennet Hundt, Joanic Gruttner Bacoul, Alex Ruoff, Devon Hall, Christian Sengfelder, Chase Fieler, Mateo Seric, Michele Vitali, Kenneth Ogbe, Tyler Larson, Shevon Thompson, and Moritz Plescher.

ULM vs BBG: Probable Lineups Player

Ratiopharm Ulm (ULM):- Christon Semaj, Jaron Blossomgame, Chrisoph Phillips, Thomas Klepeisz, and Moritz Krimmer.

Brose Bamberg (BBG):- Frankie Ferrari, Lockhart Dominic, Omuvwie Marvin, Aminu Joel, and Ogbe Kenneth.

ULM vs BBG: Match Prediction

We have been noticing that both teams have played their excellent match but team ULM was not played enough good in front of the rival team. We are going to analyze the previous match of the league and team Ulm is standing on the 9th spot with a single winning match and lose another one.

On the other side, team Bamberg is standing in the 3rd position with 3 total victories out of 3 matches. It will be amazing to watch the fabulous match of the league as both teams are going to play another match. As per the expert’s advice, team Bamberg’s chance is more in this match to win.


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