Why was Uganda Airlines Boss Cornwell Muleya Arrested? Charges Explained: We have received reports from a big airline in Uganda. The CEO of Uganda Airlines has been arrested by government officials on June 21 i.e this Tuesday. The Inspectorate of Government (IG) has arrested the CEO of the airline, with the help of the Police. The name of the CEO is Cornwell Muleya. He was arrested on Tuesday for disobeying IGG’s orders on account of section 35(a) of the Inspectorate of Government Act, 2002. The arrest of Mr. Muleya has been confirmed by the representative of IG who stated that he was in custody and will be shown in the court on June 22, which is today. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Uganda Airlines Boss Cornwell Muleya Arrested

Why was Uganda Airlines Boss Cornwell Muleya Arrested?

Mr. Muleya had not complied with an order of the IGG (Inspectorate of Government) and refused to comply of his own will and without any reasonable justification and excuse. This happened between May and June. The IGG issued an order to require his attendance to give evidence and produce the necessary documents to the IGG. The order was dated May 23 2022 and was related to the public fund mismanagement, procuring, and recruiting staff at Uganda Airlines.

Muleya was among those officials that played a part in resurrecting the airline back when it was almost dead and seemed like this would have been the end of the airline. Muleya is that Zambian that was digging and spreading his roots into the aviation industry in 1995. He was getting in as the manager and CEO of Air Botswana Corporation for more than 8 years. Later on, he moved on to Air Mauritius and also worked as the CEO of Zambezi Airlines Ltd and also ALS limited in Kenya.

Uganda Airlines Boss Cornwell Muleya Arrested

In 2013, he was signed up for the contract of CEO of Air Uganda and has been working in the aviation industry for more than 23 years. But, 2022 started off as a bad year for Mr. Muleya after the Works Minister sent him and 12 of the other top officials and forced leave on them and then handed them an indefinite suspension.

The orders of suspension were issued by President Museveni so that a path could be opened up for the investigation of the allegations of the poor management of the finances, colluding with outer forces, nepotism in recruitment, and many other issues. He was suspended for over nine months and was finally terminated after that. The case was referred to the Industrial Court after a no-show at the mediation meetings. There have been no further proceedings and the case has not been finalized yet. We will update all the details as soon as they are revealed officially.


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