Finally, the most awaited result is here. Yes, we are point out UFC 265 Results. According to the official results, Cyril Gane defeated Derrick Lewis at UFC 265. Now he is the winner of this latest match. The match was played for UFC interim Heavyweight Championship. Even he becomes the first France-born UFC champion with the winning title. Mostly every fan watched the match and reviews on social media indicate how much the match was excited and entertaining.

ufc 265 results

It was a dominating match between both the players. Definitely the competition was thriller and goosebumps maker. Let’s know some more about the champion and what will be his next target to serve more to his fan following

Derrick Lewis vs. Ciryl Gane.

The uppercut in the third round was a remarkable moment for the game and both the competitive warriors have clashed to become the winner. It was unexpected that Cyril Gane became the winner.

Gane’s jab was his most effective weapon, and his footwork kept him out of trouble. The Frenchman targetted Lewis’ front knee with leg kicks, defended a second-round takedown well and scored some heavy knees in a clinch against the cage.

Talking about his life, so he was born on April 12, 1990. He is well known martial artist who competes in the heavyweight division. The professional martial art player has won the championship with these massive hits by the champion.


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