The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan constantly going on very well. Many people are continuously searching to know some more details of this amazing daily soup. The show is actually entertaining everyone a lot and presenting some exceptional episodes that entertain everyone a lot. Now, the upcoming episode of the show also enhances the craze among the audience to watch the ensuing episode. It begins with Jassi asking Tejo if she wants he can take her right away. He further says that but he doesn’t want to do this and he further says that he will give one day time to her and asks her to go home.

Udaariyan 20th October Episode

Jassi wants her to go home and tell everyone about their marriage. On the other hand, Fateh asks the man where did he find the phone. Jassi says tell them else, he will come there and drag her. Fateh still looking for Tejo and Jassi says take this as she remembers what he says to tell. Suddenly, Fateh calls out Tejo loudly, and then Tejo calls out Fateh. Fateh comes there and sees Tejo is fallen down. Jassi runs away and then Fateh runs to Tejo and shouts Amrik to catch him.

Amrik runs after Jassi and Fateh ask Tejo who was he. On the other hand, Amrik throws some sand over Amrik and runs. Amrik comes back and says Fateh that he has run away. He further says that he couldn’t see his face as well. Then, Simran and Mahi come there and see Tejo and then Simran says they will take her home. When they come home, Gurpreet takes care of Tejo properly. Everyone asks Tejo what does Jassi wants. Simran says when he married to leave her but Fateh oversays it was not marriage as he attack Tejo.

Fateh further says that he thinks Jassi forget the last time beating and says once he comes in front of him, he will not leave him. Suddenly, Jasmin says poor Tejo, Jassi can attack her and asks why did he come after a long time. On the other hand, Tejo recalls Jassi’s words, and then she gives a paper to Khushbeer and Fateh. Now, what will happen next is actually interesting to watch. So, if you want to watch the further story then you have to wait till 7 PM as Udaariyaan tonight’s episode will be airing on Colors TV. Stay connected with us to know more information related to the daily soup.


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