The episode of Udaariyaan begins with Fateh who solves the fight between Virk and Sandhu’s family. Fateh says that he got to know about Taxi which was booked by Jasmine and Amrik when they run away. Another side, Tanya’s friend wishes her and celebrates her birthday. Everyone enjoys into the cafe. Later, Fateh tells everything that the cab driver told that he left both of them to the airport. Fateh’s mom says that they went outside the country and Fateh’s sister says that they went to Canada. Another side, Amrik says that they should tell everyone because her mother was worried about them.

Udaariyaan April 29th 2022 Written Update

Jasmine says that they should get to know about them when they will get agree for their marriage and this time, they are in London so, should enjoy it. Another side, the Sandhu family is worried and Khushbir says that how did they go out of the country because they need lots of money. Satti tells that she took jewelry with her. Everyone gets shocked and Fateh’s mother says that she didn’t expect Amrik to the stole. Sandhu and Virk’s family shouts at each other and asks them to keep quiet.

Khushbir asks everyone to go from there before the matter goes worse. Fateh think that what is happening here? Another side, Jasmine says that she wants to have something as feeling hungry. In the celebration of Tanya’s birthday, she dances with her friends where Amrik and Jasmine also join and they enjoy with each other. Jasmine is still unaware that Tanya is also enjoying the party on the road and they dance beside each other. Suddenly, Jasmine sees Tanya while dancing and gets shocked. Amrik also notices that Tejo is alive but couldn’t understand anything.

Jasmine gets shocked and happy together after seeing her sister and couldn’t control herself to hug her. Jasmine takes her close and hugs and Tanya feels strange that someone strange is hugging her. Now, the promo video of the show reveals that Jasmine tries to tell her that she is her Tejo who lives in Moga but Tanya couldn’t understand. Well, it is still a mystery for all that who is Tanya? Is she Tejo who is behaving like she is intending that she doesn’t know anything? Lots of things are still hidden and soon, the makers will reveal as the episode passes. Stay tuned for more updates here.


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