Here is something interesting and turning in the trending and popular ColorsTV serial, Udaariyaan. The entertaining show has graced a huge fan following among fans and everyone is excited to watch the next episode of the show. Since the show began, it has been grabbing all the attention of the fans around the states and now, the show has come to its turning point. Fans are excited to know what will happen next? Will Fateh get Tejo or they will separate from each other? Here are lots of things to watch in the latest episode. Keep reading to know the written update.

Udaariyaan Today’s Episode , April 19 2022

We have also seen in the previous episodes that Fateh plans to prove himself innocent and due to this, he reaches to the Tejo’s sangeet with the help of Jasmine and get the proof against Angad. He will also join the troops to enter the Sandhu’s place as a Qawali singer to meet Tejo and clear all the doubts against him. On the other side, Angad has been kidnapped and he realizes that there is Jasmine behind his kidnapping. But, it seems that destiny doesn’t want to let Tejo and Fateh meet because he escapes from the Sangeet without meeting Tejo.

Along with this, we have seen that Sandhu’s family has celebrated the Haldi ceremony of Tejo and Angad and now, the wedding day has come. Tejo tells Jasmine that she wants to meet Fateh one last time and asks her to call Fateh to the godown behind their house. Tejo is totally unaware of the fire behind and she becomes the prey of it her last wish stayed unfulfilled and she wants to meet Fateh.

Fateh reaches there a few minutes late and is unable to save her love. When the family member reaches there, Jasmine tells Abhiraaj that she was the only one who visited there to meet Fateh but they didn’t have clue this would happen. All the family members hold her responsible for this incident. Now, there will be a 6-month leap in the upcoming episode.

After the leap, the watchers will get to see Tejo in London, and on the other hand, Fateh mourns Tejo’s demise for the last 6 months. He reaches to London after the pain and destiny make him meet Tejo there. So, what do you think, Tejo will recognize him? Fateh and Tejo will come together once again or not? Here are lots of things to appear in the upcoming episodes of Udaariyaaan so, wait and watch.


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