As we have seen in the previous episode of Udaariyaan that Angad played everything against Tejo, Fateh, and the entire Sandhu family. While, Jasmine challenged him that there are two days for the wedding and Angad said that whatever she wants to do, she can and Jasmine threw water on her face. Along with this, Angad showed a wedding card to Roopi and said that he printed one card to give it in the Gurudwara and Fateh asks 24 hours as he will find the real culprit of this. Lots of things have already taken place and now, the latest episode will come with lots of things.


Now, the latest episode begins with Angad and says that he has managed everything and he booked the hall. Angad says that it has been two times in the house of her marriage and Roopi reminds that how her two grooms left him in the middle of his life. Angad says that everything will be fine. Jasmine sees this and says that how can he get happy. Tejo thinks about Fateh and feels upset. Keep reading to know more about this.

On the other side, Fateh’s friends and Bojo is finding for a person. He calls Fateh and says that they didn’t get anyone yet but they have told everyone that if they will get to know about him, will tell us. To the next morning, Fateh meets Khushbir and says that he will get the man. Another side, Tejo is getting ready for the function and Fateh gets a call and asks for the location. While Tejo is thinking about Fateh.  He throws his gift in the dustbin and wipes her tears. Fateh thinks that he will have to find the person.

Later, Angad comes there and meets every one of the houses. He says that he doesn’t have parents who can follow all the rituals and Tejo’s Chacha and Chachi comes to him and says that now, this is the complete family. While Fateh catches the person and asks him forcibly who asked him to change the Pendrive. The person asks the person that he should tell him peacefully otherwise, he will call to the police. Fateh shows the picture of Angad to him and the man says that he was the man who gave the Pendrive.

On the other side, Tejo thinks about Fateh, and suddenly, the man saved himself from Fateh and collides with another person who caught him. Fateh tells the man about his love for Tejo. Ajith sing says that he will get his love definitely. They talk to each other and Fateh says that today, he will have to get his love back. On the other side, the ring ceremony begins and Fateh comes there with Dhol.

Suddenly, they see Fateh there and get shocked. Roopi gets angry and Angad asks him to get calm down. Fateh says that he is going to prove everything in front of all. Angad asks Fateh to handle this situation calmly and suddenly, he slaps him and says that he changed the Pendrive. He knew that he will play this Pendrive there. Bojo comes there with the man and Jasmine says that he got the proof against Angad. The Episode Ends.


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