The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan begins with Gurpreet who is worried for Tejo and Nimmu taunts Tejo as she often does this but Khushbeer defends her. Later, we see that Tejo meets Navraj and asks him why he called her. When Tejo comes there, she says she asked him to call her and tells her that now she will take her to the house where she wants to go.

udaariyaan 9th september 2021

After that, Satti says that Jasmin must be did something wrong for she asks to forgive her to Tejo. Tejo says that she will be punished for her crime today and asks her family not to stop her as she will take Jasmin where she wants.

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After that, Tejo sits in the car and leaves the place. On the other hand, Fateh’s family doing Ganesh Puja and Jasmin tells Tejo to stop the car. Jasmin further asks her what she will be going to do with her. Even Jasmin asks her to drive slow. Tejo reaches Fateh’s home with Jasmin and brings her in front of everyone.

When everyone sees Jasmin at the place, Gurpreet asks why she is here. After that, Tejo says that she decided to give this house and Fateh to Jasmin because she also wants this. Fateh comes to know about Tejo and Jasmin and asks Rupi and Satti that Tejo took her.

On the other hand, the family asks about the matter. Fateh is about to go as he thinks that Tejo must be taken Jasmin to his house. Rupi stops him and asks what happened and then Fateh reveals the entire truth to them.

After hearing this from Fateh, they both get shocked and he also apologizes to him for betraying Tejo. Khushbeer asks Tejo that what is she trying to say but she tells him to asks the entire matter to Fateh and Jasmin. Then, Amrik asks the truth to Jasmin and Tejo also tells her to say everything.

Tejo says to tell everyone that Fateh is not her husband, but Jasmin’s boyfriend as well. Everyone gets shocked after hearing this and Tejo also says that Fateh and Jasmin have never broken up and met each other secretly. On this side, Rupi slaps Fateh. Tejo reveals everything about Jasmin and Fateh.

What will happen next is worth watching and everyone is eager to watch the full tonight’s episode. Udaariyaan of 9th September 2021 will be surely hit everyone’s heart and make everyone keen to watch the full episode. The show is airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and everyone can watch it there.


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