Today, we are going to talk about one of the most likely daily soups, Udaariyaan. So, the show is actually quite famous among millions of people and millions of people continuously watching the show to get some best entertainment on television. The upcoming episode begins with Tejo asking Jasmin did she get scared. She says if Jasmin tells anything to anyone then she will also tell everything to Fateh.

Udaariyaan 9th October 2021

If she tells everything to Fateh, Jasmin will lose her place in Fateh’s heart and life as well. She further says she didn’t want this and warn her to take care.

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When Tejo is just about to go from there, Jasmin says she thinks Fateh will trust her. She says no way, he loves Jasmin a lot and he can’t live without her. Tejo says yes she knows that Fateh is more touched with Jasmin but what if he knows that Jasmin maintaining this relation on the basis of lies.

She further says he won’t forgive Jasmin just because he loves her a lot. After hearing this, Jasmin replies that her lie will make a mother close to her daughter while Tejo’s son makes a son away from his mother. Jasmin says a lie that helps others is bigger than thousands of truths.

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Not only this, but she says she lied to give happiness to someone while Tejo lied to break someone’s marriage. In the next scene, Jasmin comes home and Fateh asks what happened as where did she go from the academy.

She continuously murmurs and he again asks her what happened. She says Tejo won’t let her live easily as she continued trying to move on but she did not let this happen. If any other girl in my place live these moments, she hanged herself. Fateh asks did she lost her mind, what she is saying.

After that, she says Fateh about Tejo that she telling everyone, Jasmin is a Chudail and she trapped Fateh. She further says when she goes to the canteen, everyone making fun of her. When she says everything then Fateh hugs her and then he says he will go and talk to her. Jasmin stops him by saying she will think, Jasmin sent Fateh to her.

Now, what will happen is exciting to watch on television. So, don’t miss the Udaariyaan tonight’s episode airing on Colors TV at 7 PM. We are always here to provide the best written update of every daily soup


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