Here we are back with the latest update of Udaariyaan. This serial is very famous and popular among people. It is running well with great TRP on the television. This serial is very interesting and entertaining. According to the promo video, this episode starts with Tejo saying to Angad that Fateh whom she loved so much and he tried to kill her. Angad tells Tejo to move on in her life. On the other side, Amrik says that they need to do anything but carefully because Angad is dangerous and Tejo’s life may get in danger. Jasmine says that Angad will not try to kill Tejo again because now Tejo hates Fateh and her now. Fateh tells that he will not let Tejo stay with Angad. Amrik says that they need to make it first. Tejo can understand that Angad tried to kill her not him.

Udaariyaan 9th May 2022 Full Written Update

Tejo comes into the room. she calls someone. She says has come very close. She is scared yet she will do it. Jasmine and Fateh and Jasmine are worried about Tejo and wonder where Angad could have taken Tejo. Fateh tells Jasmine to go to Tejo’s house and watch. He says that meanwhile, he will interrogate the car agency from where Angad had hired the car to call Tejo when he comes there. There Angad is making a call with someone. He says Tejo is here with him, she should not know the truth.

Angad says that Fateh may convince Tejo. She says that Tejo may be a threat to him, so she must die. He can also kill Fateh. Then just he notices Tejo and gets shocked. Tejo asks Angad to drop off her at her house because she is feeling restless. Angad says that Fateh and jasmine know her address. They can disturb her, so he is thinking something. He asks her to rest for a while. Tejo agrees and goes from there. Angad feels that thankfully Tejo has not heard anything. He thinks of killing Tejo before Fateh can convince her.

Jasmine gets worried about Tejo and says that he wishes to kill Angad. Amrik says that Jasmine is changed a lot, she wants to unite Fateh and Tejo. He says that she used to love Fateh before, but she loves him now. He hugs her. Jasmine breaks the hug and says that it is not time to get emotional.

He tells him to go to Fateh because he needs him. Jasmine asks herself if she has changed, and she says that she remains the same. Jasmine comes to Tejo’s house and knocks on the door. She calls Fateh and gets worried if he did not go to Angad’s house when he doesn’t answer her calls. She decides to call Amrik. The episode ends here, Stay tuned for more updates.  


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