The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Tejo. The doctor comes to them and says that due to her major injuries, she is no more alive. Everyone gets shocked and Tejo meets her in the operation theatre. Everyone cries and asks her to get up. Tejo asks her mother to sing Lori for her which is her favorite one in her childhood. Jasmine’s mother sings a Lori for her and everyone cries and her mother continuously asks her to get up. Tejo says that everyone was angry with her and want to teach her lesson but they also loves her a lot.


Tejo cries and says that everyone will give her intention. Suddenly, Jasmine’s pulse starts running and they call the doctor. They come and give her an injection. The doctor says that it is good news that she is out of danger. Tejo gives this news to everyone. Suddenly, Police comes in the hospital and says who was in the car. Amrik is about to say everything but Tejo stops him and Fateh says that he was driving the car. Angad asks the police officer if they are coming in another car.

Fateh asks Amrik that he can’t say the truth as he is already involved in another case. Tejo is stuck with a man and the man asks the receptionist about the accident case. The receptionist asks the patient’s name and the man says Jasmine’s name. Suddenly, Tejo hears this and as she is about to meet him but in hurry, she goes towards the police station. Another side, Jasmine continuously says Tejo’s name, and Tejo meets her in the ICU room.

Jasmine recalls everything that how Tejo helped her in this situation and took her to the hospital. Jasmine holds her hand and cries. Everyone sees this and finds that she has changed. The misunderstandings have cleared among them. Khushbir says that the relation of blood can’t separate. Tejo’s mother says that she saved her life. Tejo hugs Jasmine and asks her not to say anything.

Tejo’s mother says that the car exploded while saving her and her back has burnt totally. Sandhu Ji thanks God as he is looking at them together after a long time. He talks to his mother and says that Jasmine has been changed and they are together once again.

Later, Amrik requests Fateh as he wants to meet her. Suddenly, the man finds that Amrik was being trapped by Jasmine. He thinks that something foolish is here and has to reveal everything. Jasmine meets Amrik and feels for him as he was standing with her at every situation. He says that he is scared. The Episode Ends.


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