Today’s episode starts with Fateh and Tejo and feels guilty for the arguments he did last night. He says that I will try to understand you and will never fight with you. She says that I need to talk to you about Jasmin. She is feeling bad for doing this to you and asked me if you forgave her. She is my sister and I want her to be happy in her life. I feel bad whenever I see her crying. Gippy wants to meet you and wants to solve this matter. He wants to be sure that there is nothing between you and Jasmin. Fateh says that don’t drag me in this matter.

udaariyaan 9th July 2021

I don’t care about Jasmin and her happiness. I don’t want to meet Gippy. Tejo says that Jasmin requested you to meet Gippy for one last time. Everything will be fine and she will marry Gippy soon. Jasmin says that one-sided life is not easy to forget. I know that love can also happen after marriage but Fateh still lives me. Gippy agrees to meet Fateh.

Fateh says that this is not my problem and I will.not see Jasmin’s face again in my life. She has ruined my life. Jasmin got a video call from Gippy and talk to him. Mami sees that and Satti says that it seems like everything is fine between them.

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Gippy asks Jasmin to fix the meeting with Fateh. He says that I want to end this matter and excited to marry you. He asks Jasmin about the honeymoon which posse Sher off and she says that I will ca. you after some time. Jasmin calls Tejo and asks If Fateh agreed to meet Gippy Tejo says that I slipped over the floor and got injured. Jasmin got worried and says that I am coming to you. Tejo refuses her and says that Fateh is taking care of me. The next morning Tejo goes to the academy to meet Fateh.

Fateh got angry as he asked Tejo to take proper rest. He introduce Tejo to Aman. She dictates to him everything about the academy. Aman says that this is the first time that I am staying in a village, so will. please show me your pind. Fateh comes in between and says that I will show you. He asks Tejo to go home and take a rest.

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Aman asks about Tejo and Fateh says that she is my wife and my partner in the academy. Jasmin calls Tejo and says that I am upset as family members are blaming her. Tejo asks her to talk to Gippy as she will feel better. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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