Welcome back, Udaariyaan 9th August 2021 Written Update is here provided for all the fans. The television show already engages several fans to watch the upcoming episodes. So, the episode that will be going to air tonight will begin with Tejo as she decides to wear a white dress.

Udaariyaan, Today's Episode 9th August 2021

She decides this as she thinks that Fateh will like her in this stunning dress. On the other hand, Jasmin also wears a white dress with the same thinking. Not only this, but both sisters think the same to keep their hair open. On this side, Tejo takes out Fateh’s dress and puts a rose in it.

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While Jasmin saying herself that Fateh will go anywhere with anyone but he will only see her because of her beauty and stunning looks. Fateh comes to Tejo and gives her a compliment that she is looking very beautiful and tells her to go. After hearing this, Tejo holds Fateh’s hands and they both leave the place.

When Fateh and Tejo come downstairs, Fateh sees Amrik who is well-dressed. After that, Fateh comes to him and asks him if he is going on a date with someone. He replies that she is his friend and leaves the place after telling him that he is already getting late.

After that, Fateh and Tejo also reach the restaurant and Tejo likes the place. Tejo apologizes to Fateh for behaving weirdly with him but she also tells him that she will give him complete freedom as he is giving her. On the other hand, the episode takes a twist as Jasmin and Amrik also reach the same restaurant and Jasmin gets angry after seeing Fateh and Tejo at the place.

Jasmin asks the waiter to book their table near where Fateh and Tejo are sitting. After that, Jasmin calls the waiter loudly seeing Tejo and Fateh. When Fateh hears her voice, he turns and sees Jasmin and Amrik sitting there together.

Jasmin again does the same and this time Tejo sees her who is overjoyed to think that Jasmine is here. Then, Tejo asks Fateh to meet her, but he denies by saying that she is with someone. When Tejo seeing Amrik with her, she is shocked and Fateh gets angry seeing them together. After that, they four decides to have dinner together.

Tejo orders Indian dish but Amrik orders Chinese food for himself. On the other hand, Jasmine goes to the washroom and signs Fateh to come along with her. They both meet in the washroom where they indulge in an argument. So, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to heat up the entire environment. The episode will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM.



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