Viewers are excited to watch the next episode of Udaariyaan that begins with Fateh and Tejo. He says that if there is someone between them so, she should have told him before so, he could easy move between them. Indirectly, he is talking about Angad Mann who was seen with Tejo outside the police station. Fateh continues by saying that he didn’t know that she is also like other women who also want a rich person in her life and whose reach is close to DIG, and the magistrate. What is the status of a modest sports teacher in front of him?


Suddenly, Tejo slaps him and says that she didn’t say anything when he broke their relationship, didn’t say when she threw her sister, he sent her to jail but she didn’t say anything because it was her mistake and she has been continuously apologizing to her and today, she also came to apologize to her. But now, she doesn’t want to say anything. She goes from there and Fateh gets stunned. They both remind their past together.

Another side, Satti thanks to Angad Mann and says that it is his responsibility. He calls for Roopi but Satti says that she can’t call him unless he gets angry with her. Angad goes from there and Jasmine hugs Satti. She says that she is happy to see her but whatever she did, can’t forgive in her entire life. She asks her to go and lock herself inside the room otherwise, her father will get angry. Satti comes inside and sees Roopi talking with someone and gets happy. Meantime, Jasmine goes in her room. Satti asks that who is on the call?

Roopi replies that maybe, his luck wants to give a befitting reply to Virk’s family. Jasmine calls Amrik but he doesn’t take it and cuts her call. Jasmine gets tensed and do text him. She asks him to talk to her once and will solve everything. She asks him to talk to him once. Amrik thinks about it but don’t respond. Jasmine says that he is ignoring her.

Later, Tejo comes inside her room and sees a flower given by Fateh. Jasmine comes into her room and says her that she wants to say something. She tells her that she is going to apologize to Amrik and doesn’t want to lose Amrik. Suddenly, Tejo stops her and says that she doesn’t need to go there because love and respect don’t need any apology. Now, they both will come to them and ask for a promise.

Jasmine tries to make her understand. Tejo gets angry with her and says that she doesn’t need to go there. Roopi hears that and regrets his decision. He asks his brother and son, to go. Another side, Khushbir asks Fateh to have some food but Fateh ignores them and goes. Fateh remembers Tejo. The Episode Ends.


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