Today, we are going to talk about one of the most anticipated television shows, Udaariyaan. So, the name is quite famous and every one the TRP on the show always remains on the top. The episode holding lots of drama and fun moments that making it much better than any other TV serial.

udaariyaan 8th october 2021

The upcoming episode will begin with Tejo asking how did the passport burn and then he says maybe Jasmin did this. He tells everything to everyone. On the other hand, Jasmin recalls Candy. Rupy says she acted to lose the passport first and then make a new one.

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In the next scene, we can see that Fateh comes and hugs Jasmin but she asks him to leave as she is useless for him. Fateh says he came here to say sorry to her and then apologize to her. Jasmin asks him did he remember what he said and then he says yes. After that, Jasmin says to him to stay with everyone and enjoy.

Not only this, but she says to Candy also as she tells him to go to Tejo as he will enjoy with her, not Jasmin. She further taunts Fateh by saying that he would be missing Tejo and Candy as he was enjoying the dance with them.

After hearing this from Jasmin, Fateh laughs and asks her if she feels jealous of that kid. He says the kid is so cute just like Jasmin. Then, Jasmin says she is not jealous as she is in doubt. The kid says a similar family pic is also at his house. Jasmin further asks him that he is his mum’s friend and if he knows Tejo’s colleague.

Fateh says no, he is just a kid, leave it. Jasmin again asks him how did he so attach to him so soon and then Fateh asks her to sit and then he says he has a very strong attachment with her.

On the other hand, Tejo asks if Jasmin’s old passport is here then why she gives a new passport to Fateh for Visa. Tejo is in confusion that why she burns her own passport and gives a new passport to Fateh.

The upcoming episode holding some interesting turns and twists. The makers always coming with lots of suspense in which all the stars portraying the roles very well. So, Udaariyaan Tonight’s Episode will be airing on Colors TV at 8 PM and many people are curiously waiting to watch the full episode.


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