We are back with the latest episode of Udaariyaan and fans are going excited to watch the next episode as it will come with lots of twists and turns. As per the recent promo, the episode begins with Tejo is in the ICU room and coming outside to take Khushbir in the room. Well, the promo video also shows that Tejo is crying by holding the hand of Jasmine and the doctors take her to the ICU room. Tejo leaves her hand and falls down. Fateh takes her in his arms and run towards another room.

Udaariyaan 8th March 2022 Written Update

Suddenly, Angad comes there and sees Fateh and Tejo. On the other side, everyone is upset in the house and worrying about Tejo as she is not picking up their phone. Another side, Tejo gets treatment by a doctor and finds Fateh standing near her. Tejo asks him to go to Jasmine. Doctors are treating Jasmine. Tejo says that Jasmine is her little sister and she doesn’t know how is she doing? Tejo says that she will have to tell her family.

Another side, Tejo’s brother calls her and tells them that they suffered from a car accident and also tells that Jasmine is suffering from major injuries. All the family is rushed to the hospital and Fateh sees that Tejo is with Angad. He feels anger as Angad is trying to handle the condition of Tejo and hugs her. Fateh thanked to Angad as Tejo called him and he came here to help them.

Tejo insists to meet Jasmine and she just wants to know about her condition. Suddenly, Tejo’s family arrives in the hospital and they ask about everyone. Tejo says that Jasmine is not feeling well and she is in the operation theatre. Suddenly, Fateh’s mother becomes worse health. Tejo asks her to sit and Angad takes a glass of water from Fateh’s hand and gives it to Tejo. He says that now, everything is on her shoulder and has to handle this.

After seeing Angad is caring for Tejo, he feels angry. Another side, Jasmine’s condition is going worse but doctors are trying their best. Everyone asks about the health of Jasmine and the doctor says that her pulse has been dropped and they need blood. Jasmine’s mother cries and another doctor comes there and tells Fateh that they can meet to Amrik.

Jasmine’s mother prays for Jasmine and the whole family is also praying for Jasmine. Fateh meets Amrik and he asks about Jasmine as how is she doing? Fateh tells that the doctors are treating her. The Episode Ends.


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