The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to entertain everyone all over the world. Yes, the episode will be going to increase the madness among the audience. It will be actually very interesting to watch how the story will go tonight. We are very curious to watch the full episode in which Fateh and Tejo are just a few moments away to get their beautiful relationship back.

Udaariyaan 8th January 2022

But, it will not be very simple as we think as the makers never let the story go simple without any crispiness. So, if you love to watch the full story then you just need to wait for a while to get the further story of the daily soup.

The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will begin with Angad meeting Tejo at Sandhu’s house. She attempts to avoid him and walks away. He stops her and tells her that he is giving her the final chance to leave everything and come with her.

Tejo tells her not to bother about her and let her live her life freely. He tells her that she will never forget this day when he refused her love, she will mourn it very soon. Tejo doesn’t hear from him. He doesn’t let her go on his scooter.

She employs an auto-rickshaw and leaves for college. Angad yells angrily. He warns her of threatening consequences. Suddenly, at night, Angad is seen plotting an accident. Fateh wants Khushbeer to forgive Rupy. Even Tejo tries to pacify Rupy and forgive Khushbeer for the fight.

She tells that Khushbeer is right in front of her and they will apologize to her. Rupy doesn’t want to apologize. He feels that he has done nothing wrong. Fateh and Tejo try to get their family back together. On the other hand, Simran feels guilty as she thinks that she is the main reason behind their clash.

Later, Tejo meets Khushbeer and apologizes to him on Rupy’s behalf. He asks her to forgive Fateh if conceivable, then all the difficulties between their family relations will end. He tells her that he wants to see her with Fateh. Tejo doesn’t think it’s possible. He asks her to forgive Fateh.

Angad returns to life. Now, what will happen in tonight’s episode is worth watching because of the turns and twists the makers add in the simple going story. Don’t forget to watch the full episode of Udaariyaan that will be going to air tonight only on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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