Today, we are going to talk about one of the most entertaining daily soups, Udaariyaan. The ongoing story of the daily soup is actually very interesting in which everyone will get some intense moments with lots of drama. In the previous episode, we already watched that Fateh take revenge on Jasmin by spoiling her plan to visit Canada and living her entire life together.

Udaariyaan Today's Episode 8th December 2021 episode

Now, Fateh left everyone and lived alone at any place. Now, he wants to get back Tejo in his life but Tejo is living her life with Angad after they engage with each other.

The upcoming episode begins with Angad wanting to be with Tejo and live his life with Tejo as a fiance because people will object to their friendship after the engagement. On the other hand, Tejo doesn’t think to drag the drama of fake engagement anymore.

After that, Angad asks her to take the truth with herself as they both know about their fake engagement and they should not need to tell everyone about it. If they did not tell the truth to everyone, they get rid of all taunts from society. It is not bad for them to keep themselves safe from every aspect.

As we can see that Angad has developed feeling for Tejo and he did not want her to go anywhere. Still, he hides his feeling from Tejo as he did not want to spoil his friendship with Tejo. He finds some way to stop Tejo but she tries to dig into his life to sort the matter for Riya.

In the next scene, we can see that Jasmin enjoys the hotel without getting worried about hotel bills. Then, the manager of the hotel asks her to clear the pending dues by paying the entire amount.

He further asks her to leave the room if she has no money. After hearing this, Jasmin gets frustrated and also feels helpless to leave the room. Later, she thinks Fateh is responsible for all her problems and tells that she will not leave Fateh without punishing him.

On the other hand, Fateh is already bearing the punishment and also beaten by a bunch of the people at the lodge. Now, the upcoming episode will totally entertain every fan who loves to watch Udaariyaan on a daily basis. The upcoming episode will be going to air at 7 PM on Colors TV.


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