Again, we are back with another great news of the upcoming episode of everyone’s favorite daily soup, Udaariyaan. The show already containing such a huge fanbase all around the country. Many people continuously watching the episode to know the story of the show. The upcoming episode of the show will begin with Jasmin asking Tejo what are she is doing.

Udaariyaan, 7th October 2021

After that, Tejo says be it, why did her face turn pale. Then, Jasmin asks what are she is doing here. Tejo holds her hand and gets angry. After that Tejo says she knows she did this as Jasmin wants to defame Tejo.

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Tejo further says that she wants to end her career but Jasmin says no and then Tejo says shut up. After that, Tejo added that don’t try to says that she didn’t do this as it is the black truth or her white lie. She says that Candy got her Pendrive in her room. Jasmin says angrily about Candy and then Tejo stops her and slaps her.

After that, Jasmin holds Tejo’s cheeks but Tejo says she doesn’t know she falls so low. She says Jasmin didn’t think about the students as their entire year would have been ruined. Tejo says she is spending money and she doesn’t know that she is coming by hard work.

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Not only this, but Tejo further says that before Fateh comes on the road, he should know the truth. Jasmin asks her to shut up but Tejo scolds her. She says to be thankful as she didn’t file any complaint against her.

Tejo advises her to leave all these bad things and start doing good works that help her and Fateh to live their future life with peace and happiness. After telling this, Tejo goes from there and Jasmin sits angrily. Candy comes to Jasmin and asks her for Tejo as he is hungry.

Jasmin eating chocolate and cries. Along with it, she recalling to moments when Tejo slaps her and yells at her. Candy says grown up as she is eating chocolate and alone. After hearing this, Jasmin says he won’t get it but Candy snatches the chocolate from her and runs from there.

Jasmin asks him to stop but suddenly, a family pic falls, and the frame breaks. Now, what will happen next is actually quite interesting to watch. Many people continuously waiting to watch the full episode of the show tonight. Udaariyaan tonight’s episode will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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