We are back with the latest episode of Udaariyaan that begins with unexpected twists. Many things are yet to disclose but the promo videos are revealing something new for the fans. According to the latest promo videos, the episode begins with Fateh who is being beaten by some fellows and Tejo is rapidly crying so, they can leave Fateh. She asks Fateh that he is a boxer and can beat them but why is he stopping. He says that she will have to confess that she is Tejo otherwise he will be beaten to death.

Udaariyaan 7th May 2022 Full Written Update

Tejo couldn’t think about this and couldn’t understand what can she do to save him. Later, Tejo confesses loudly that she is Tejo. Suddenly, Fateh gets stands and beats each and every one of them. The fellow runs from there and he hugs Tejo. He says that she can’t see him in this situation and he knew. Suddenly, Tejo pushes him back by saying why is he doing this? He doesn’t need to come close to her otherwise, she will take the wrong step against him. Fateh says what is she saying? He asks her the reason of saying this.

Suddenly, Tejo says that why did he try to kill her? Fateh gets shocked after hearing this and says what is she saying? He can’t even think about this and Fateh warns him not to act like this otherwise, it will be wrong for him. Angad overhears everything and says that he knew that she is Tejo and now, she has hidden as much she can. He says that now, he will have to see where she will go from him. Fateh goes behind Tejo and asks her to listen to him.

Fateh says that he can’t tell her how much is he happy after seeing him. Tejo says Yes, so, he can kill her once again. Tejo asks him to move and he follows her. She forcibly goes. Tejo says that he came here to kill her. Fateh says that he can’t do this. Tejo says that she saw the reality of Jasmine and him that night. Tejo says that she was involved in this crime and they were just seeing the drama.

Tejo says that she saw a man who wore a hoodie and burnt in the fire. He says what is she trying to say this? He can’t even think this. Tejo says that he always wants Jasmine and because of this, he took this step to move her from life. He says that he can’t do this and will die before her. Fateh tries to make her understand that he didn’t do anything. Tejo says that she has started a new life and leaves him alone. The Episode Ends.


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