The episode starts with Jasmin and Tejo sitting in a cafe and talking about Gippy. Jasmin says that Gippy broke his heart after he learnt about Fateh. She drinks and starts crying. Tejo says that we met him nicely so how could he do that. Fateh is trying to move on from you and he doesn’t care about your relationship with anyone. Fateh calls Tejo asks her when are you coming home as everyone is waiting for her. Tejo says that I am out with my friends. Fateh overhears that waiter asks Tejo for coffee. Jasmin says that I am a bad girl, I broke Fateh’s heart and now Gippy broke my heart.

Udaariyaan 7th July 2021

In an, if no use, no one will ever love me. Tejo calls the taxi driver and takes her home. She asks Jasmin to wash her face as anyone can recognise that she is drunk. She says that I will not tell my family that Gippy has broken this relationship. She washes her face and enters the house. Satti asks Jasmin where have you been? She says that I was out with Tejo. Satti says that Gippy’s mother called me and she said that Gippy is out with his friends. Have you fought with him? Jasmin says that might be Gippy who hasn’t told his family that he was with me. Satti asks her to say the truth.

Jasmin says that I am not lying to you, you can ask Tejo as well. Khushbeer asks Amrik to join the academy. He says that I cannot join the academy as Tejo is also his partner and I don’t like her. I don’t want to see her. Fateh says that after listening to this I cannot take you to my academy. Tejo is your Bhabi and you ha e to respect her.

Amrik says that she is not my Bhabi and I am not going to follow her orders. Tejo asks Jasmin not to worry about anything and just wait for Gippy’s call. He likes you and he will definitely call you.

Jasmin goes to her room to sleep but Mami asks her if she has done anything wrong. She scolds her that you don’t want to marry Gippy that’s why you did this. He is not going to meet you now. I know that you are lying and still wants Fateh back in your life, but I will not let you ruin Tejo’s life.

Jasmin got angry and says that Fateh still loves me and he married Tejo just to make me feel bad. Their relationship is just a lie and Fateh will break this fake relationship soon. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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