Udaariyaan will be going to entertain everyone all over the country. Yes, the madness among the audience to search what will happen next in tonight’s episode of daily soup. So, it will be actually very superb to watch how the story takes a turn in a simple going story.

Udaariyaan, Today's Episode 7th January 2022

The story of the show already going on very well and amusing all the viewers a lot. Yes, the TRP of the show always remains on the top and making every single viewer completely entertained. If you want to watch the upcoming episode of the daily soup then you just need to wait for a while.

The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will begin with Rupy begging Jasmin to spare Tejo. He tells that Tejo is not responsible for whatever went wrong with Jasmin. He tells that Fateh is responsible for her misery. He knew everything about Fateh and Jasmin but did not tell it to Khushbeer, who was crying for his son.

Khushbeer wants to ask Roopi why did he hide such a big thing from her. He goes to meet Rupy. He asks Rupy the reason for keeping the secret. He meets Rupy and his family. He asks Rupy how did he hide such a big truth from them.

Not only this, but Rupy also tells that Fateh had to come and confess his fraud and he also tells that Khushbeer has no right to support a person who did fraud. Later, Khushbeer argues with him and defends Fateh, and tells him that Fateh is not a fraud.

He further tells that it’s only Jasmin who cheated everyone. He gets angry that Jasmin was having an affair with Fateh, understanding that he is Tejo’s spouse. Rupy was enraged by this statement. Rupy shouts at Khushbeer.

Later, Khushbeer shouts back at Rupy and holds his collar. Not only this, but both the family members are also trying to stop them and then the fight gets louder.

Then, Tejo and Fateh come in front of everyone at the same time and find that their families are fighting with each other, and then they both attempt to bring peace among themselves. Now, the upcoming episode of the daily soup will be going to entertain everyone a lot. So, if you want to watch Udaariyaan tonight’s episode, it will be going to hit the television screens at 7 PM only on Colors TV.


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