Today, another new week has just begun with lots of enthusiasm and some superb daily soups. One of the most prominent TV serials, Udaariyaan is all set to bring the heat all over the environment. Many people are eagerly waiting to watch what will happen next in the upcoming episode.

Udaariyaan 7th February 2022 Written update

If you are also looking forward and trying to find out some key details of the episode that will be going to air tonight, you just need to stay on the same page. We are providing some important details of the show that make everyone crazy to watch the upcoming episode.

Now, the show begins with Jasmin asking Fateh what he is going to gift her. Jasmin says that he is a straightforward trainer and now he has quit it too, so he cannot give her an expensive present. She asks Fateh to pledge that he will offer her whatever she wants when she asks him.

Fateh nodded yes without any choice. Jasmin calls Amrik, click some photos. The lady tells Simran that she has to give her favorite ring to Jasmin. Simran says that family peace is necessary and asks her to let go of her anger.

On the other hand, Rupy and Satti talk about Tejo. Satti says that he wants Tejo to get marry Fateh. After that, Rupy says that if Tejo and Jasmin stay under the same roof, it will not easy or good for Tejo. Jasmin is very evil and she will make Tejo’s life like hell. Satti says Fateh and Tejo may stay elsewhere.

Rupi says Fateh is not suitable for Tejo. Fateh sees Tejo outside their house and runs to her. Tejo gives him the principal’s letter and says that he even has his job. Fateh reads the letter and gets glad.

He thanks Tejo and says that she always gets a ray of hope for him. Jasmin is in her room and is celebrating her victory. Not only this, but she vows to trouble the Virk Family and make Fateh and Tejo separate.

Tejo expects that Jasmin will calm down now. Fateh says Jasmin will not. He says that after Amrik marries Jasmin, everyone feels that he is free, but is unable to breathe peacefully. Simran meets Tejo and hugs her. Then, she asks Tejo and Fateh to get married. Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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