One of the most entertaining and amazing serials, Uddariyaan is back with one more episode for all the fans who have been waiting to watch the next episode as soon as possible. There are lots of lead actors and actresses who is entertaining the viewers since the serial begins. Priyanka Choudhary, Karan V Grover, and Ankit Gupta are the main leads of the serial and now, they have captured a huge love from the fans.

Udaariyaan 7th December 2021 episode

The latest episode starts when Fateh comes out to the bus and goes to a tea stall. He remembers Tejo and drinks tea. He smiles and suddenly, drops the teacup. He pays and asks about the reasonable price of this.

The shopkeeper tells him about the resort and he thanks him. A man steals his wallet for money and threw his wallet there. On the other side, Jasmine talks to sweety and asks that is Fateh not in Mogga. Sweety says that she came academy and no one knows about him. They talk to each other and Jasmien says that she will find him. Later, Angad talks to Molik and says that let Riya stay here for a few more days.

Riya gets happy and hugs him. He says to her that she need to take participate in online lessons. Tejo comes and Riya says that Angad is not following his promises. Tejo asks permission to talk to him and Riya asks him not to break the promises.

She knows that he is intelligent and can solve his all problems. Tejo says that she is going to nearby schools to get a job and she thanks him and goes from there. On the other side, Fateh reminds the words of Tejo and walks on the road. Khushbir answers the call of Jasmine and Gurpreet says that it must be Fateh’s call. She asks that did they reach there? Jasmin disconnects.

Along with this, the serial will also show lots of things where the faculties of Tejo are correct but there are no vacancies. Angad says that he has another plan and you need to take care of the work. Someone suggests her work to wash the utensils and Tejo gets ready because she wants to become an independent woman.Many more twists and turns is about to take place in the life of Tejo and Fateh. On the other side, Jasmin has decided that she will take revenge from Fateh because he spoiled her life.


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